The tastiest way to raise money for a cause

  1. Add a dinner party
  2. Invite your guests
  3. Dine & fundraise for your cause
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Are you a throw'er or go-er?

"Throw'ers" & "goers" come together on dinefor to raise funds for great causes. From global charities to local organisations, who would you like to Dinefor…

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(aka dinner party host)

  • chooses the cause
  • invites the guests
  • throws the party!


(aka dinner party guest)

  • accepts the invite
  • donates to the cause
  • goes to the party!


cause /kôz/

Noun: A person or thing that gives rise to an action, phenomenon, or condition.

Verb: Make (something) happen.

"The team at dinefor have combined idealism for wanting to change the world with a practical solution. I used the dinefor concept for my 25th wedding anniversary party and raised money to care for people with life-limit​ing and life threatenin​g conditions​.”
Liz Cuddy, CEO - Extern Ireland
"Dinefor is a new and exciting means of raising money whilst have fun with your family and friends - it certainly gives us all food for thought.”
Michael Galbraith (dinefor thrower)
"We are always looking for innovative ways to engage our supporters and dinefor does just that. It is a great way to combine a fun and social activity such as hosting a dinner, and supporting our on-going investment in young leaders from Ireland and Northern Ireland.”