About us

About Dinefor

Howdy folks!

We are Dinefor and we are from (or what we say locally as ‘bread and buttered’) in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We are a shiny new start-up company and we have the audacity to think that we could change the world...well at least one dinner at a time.

Dinefor enables people to fundraise by either hosting or attending a dinner party for your favorite non-profit organization anywhere in the world. That could be anything from an informal gathering to meet with friends over a few nibbles or a more formal gathering for a proper sit down meal.

We provide you with the ability to do everything from creating menus, inviting guest’s right down to collecting donations online. Our platform is a micro-fundraising site enabling lots of people to raise small amounts of charity for lots of good causes.

We are currently in beta stage which means please tell us about your experience of dinefor so we can continually get better. In return we promise to add new features as soon as possible that will improve your experience.

So what are you waiting for, dinefor…

Dinefor team
Est. 2011

P.S We have had help in the form of seed funding from the lovely people at the Northern Ireland Arts Council. They believed in our concept and as a result dipped their hand into the innovation fund to provide us finance. So thank you Northern Ireland Arts Council!

Supported by the Creative Industries Innovation Fund