Dinefor FAQs

Yes, it’s the part of the website that we all love. Give me the answer and give me it quick. Ok, ok we have tried our best to come up with some questions and answers. But like any good FAQ section, it requires a bit of audience participation (oh yes it does) so we would be keen to hear from you. In return we will ensure that we post the most popular questions and add them to the list. So what are you waiting for? Submit through our feedback section your first question if we don’t answer it below

So let’s get started with the important questions…..


Your money you raise

How much does it cost?

It costs nothing to use Dinefor!

How much money does the charity receive?

This depends on the country of the charity. Dinefor receive a fee of 5% for monies raised via the platform. The processing fee (the cost to process your donation to the charity) is 4-5% (depending on the processor).

First Giving - 4.25% at time of publishing this page

This means the cost to the charity is 9-10% this compares favorability to the industry average processing fee of around 20%. We believe that by providing a low processing fee it ensures that more donations go directly to your favorite charity.

If the charity is UK based and the donor is eligible for Gift Aid, the charity will gain an additional 25% (approximately – please see the HMRC for details http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/individuals/giving/gift-aid.htm)

How do I know the charity will receive my money?

Dinefor facilitates the dinner party concept however transactions and distribution of money is carried out by trusted third parties. In the US this is First Giving..

We work with credible third parties to ensure that donations are processed in a transparent way. Dinefor cannot make any guarantees regarding the distribution of monies donated and we encourage your to read the terms and conditions of the relevant provider.

When will the charity receive my money?

Again, this depends on the terms of the relevant provider (currently First Giving in the US). At the time of publishing this can vary from 8 days to 60 days for the actual donation, depending on the time of the donation and the processor being used. In the UK Gift Aid needs to be claimed back from HMRC by Charities Trust, this can take longer.

First Giving: http://www.firstgiving.com/content/general_terms

Can I get a refund?

Hopefully this is never an issue. However, refunds are covered under the terms and conditions of the payment processors. These state that refunds cannot be given as they are processed and allocated to the charity immediately. If a dinner party is cancelled we recommend trying to re-arrange it.

How secure are transactions?

Your transactions are processed via well established secure connections (SSL) from the processor First Giving or Charities Trust.

Why do my payments not exactly match my bank statement?

This can happen if you are making a cross-currency transaction.

Example: if a UK resident donates to a US charity and the transaction is processed in dollars – depending on the time of the transaction your exchange may be done the following day (with a new exchange rate). This should only ever happen with cross-currency transactions & should always be very small!

Will my details be added to a mailing list?

When you register on Dinefor you will be signed up for our monthly newsletter (you can easily unsubscribe in your profile or via the mailshot!). When you choose to support a charity you will be given the option to send them your details. Dinefor does not pass your details on to any third parties.

For further information about our privacy policy please click here (david please link

Can I add my own non-profit / fundraiser?

At this point we can only support charities listed on First Giving (US). However please send us your details – it is something we would very much like to be able to do in the future! UK charities will be available soon!

Can I claim money for my costs?

Unfortunately you cannot as the donations go direct to the payment processer for distribution to your charity. We realize this makes it difficult for people who perhaps want to host a bigger event or a restaurant event and it is something we are investigating.


Can any charity be listed on Dinefor.com?

Currently we can only support charities listed with First Giving. You can search on our database to see if you are listed. We anticipate a UK service launching summer 2012 -please contact us if you are interested!

How do we receive the donations?

All donations are made through the relevant provider / distributor (www.firstgiving.com in the US). Dinefor never handle this money. The provider then distributes the donations to the charity minus a small

Dinefor commission.

You will receive your donations via your provider in accordance with their terms and conditions.

What are the fees?

This depends on the country of the charity. Dinefor receive a fee of 5% for monies raised via the platform and the processing fees are another 4-5% (depending on the processor). .

First Giving - 4.25% at time of publishing this page