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Dinner time – time to change the world

You want to make a difference in the world. You believe passionately about your cause. So what next? For a start give yourself a pat on the back you have come to the right place.

Dinefor gives you the ability to fundraise by creating a fun and social event to raise money for a good cause. It is usually based around a dinner party, something we all enjoy doing from the simple get together for a small nibbles to a more formal dinner.

At Dinefor, the thrower (the host of the dinner party) gets to choose a good cause to raise money for whilst the goer (people who attend the dinner party) attends the event and donates to the cause. You can even wear party hats like the fun people attending a Dinefor below:

Dinefor charity dinner party

At Dinefor we offer you the ability to harness the power of your online social networks for deliver social good offline. We passionately believe that every individual has the power to use their personal networks (yes, that’s the fancy name for family and friends) to do something good in the world.

We give you the ability to tap into those networks to raise money for the causes that you believe in and want to support. We do this by providing tools to take care of everything from inviting friends, creating a menu, collecting RSVP’s, collecting donations online and importantly thanking guests for attending. So why don’t you get started now by creating or attending your first Dinefor.